Happy Father’s Day

When a father gives to a son, both laugh; when a son gives to a father, both cry.

William Shakespeare

+ + +

Yes, that is the cycle.  That is the design, the divine design.

But is it honored?  It seems too often it is not.  Fathers disappear.  When they do it often breeds chaos.

Now we fashion that women can raise a child alone.  It is the rare woman who can do so, and it is never easy and never without costs, real inter-generational costs, personal costs, deep wounds.

You see the cycle is thus: the father is faithful to his family and his children and this sons become fathers and his daughters mothers and so the same – yet so much more?  More you say?  Yes, more because at a discreet point in a man’s life he must decline, recede and in that transition his son emerges and he is the stronger who bends to help his father.

Yes, when the son gives to the father, both cry.  Cry because there is beauty in that which confirms what is divine. There is beauty in the harvest that is the good heart born of a small child and present in a grown man.

Fathers, take your task seriously.  Just as a mother does nothing better than being a mother, you do nothing better than being a father.

Satisfaction.  Contentment.  Achievement.  A race well run.  Accomplishment. Wholeness.  These are among the fruits of fatherhood.

To all the Dads who have run the course.  Bravo.  And, thanks.  You have made the world a better place.

No people can prosper or endure who do not complete the call to fatherhood and motherhood.  No land stays whole and well that does not cherish and preserve the family.

God bless, Dads, and Moms, and family.