but the Lord was not silent.  Even if he had been silent, my life until this day would have spoken of Him.

Shusaku Endo, in Silence

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In totalitarian states religion is unwelcome, the enemy.  In such states Christianity is particularly unwelcome.

Why is that?

Totalitarian societies want those it governs to submit to them, be docile, compliant.  They seek to change the human person, any nature that might exist which inspires independence or furthers allegiance to something other than the state and its political point of view as to life and the world.

According to Leftist totalitarian states, history – not God – is the determinant.  It is history and its inevitability, according to the Left, which governs, not God.

Yes, you can find even clerics in those states who accede to this point of view. They are, without knowing it, converted to a godless disposition in their concession.  Yes, they willingly collaborate with the state.  They invoke state phrases and concepts, partner with the state to “advance” state policies without realizing that they raise man and state above God in doing so.

Unwittingly, they yield to the primacy of the state, power, politics and “correct” thinking, party mantras.  It is a deadly concession.

Christian faith is based on the individual’s plight.  The totalitarian state is based on the crush of history.

In the latter mindset, the individual means nothing; he or she is classified by group: ethnicity, class, race, gender, sexual preferences, etc.   His or her identity is not that of a human person, God’s son or daughter – but as an anonymous particle of a larger group.  The person in this is reduced, lost – and his or her autonomy, responsibility, freedom, worth and dignity is likewise dissolved.  In this, God is distant and we are detached from faith, deadened, adrift, hanging on a thin string.

In such a circumstance, the person ceases to exist at any human depth, level of self-examination or self-understanding.  Such society produces corpses where people once lived.

Enter silence.  Enter speaking of Him.


Share if you wish.  In the West, we must speak of Him.