As long as you have an experience, you have a subject (to be painted) …

Sargy Mann, Painter

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To Sargy Mann a “memory of colors” is a talisman.  In the process of going blind all was a blur for him.  But is that not what appearance is?  A blur.  An approximation – far removed from the true colors of the wild, windswept interior – raw, open, beautiful like the west coast of Ireland and land at the ocean’s edge on the Scottish Isles.

Sargy had to learn anew many times to see the world as his sight disappeared step by inevitable step and the brain adjusted to ambient light as if to lead the heart to sight for the eye.  Can we claim anything like that life in our own?

Then, darkness – painting by precept, and geometry, and chances-taken – the brain/the Spirit moving hand from palette to canvas with unexpected genius and success.

Can we live as God paints?


In a dream last night old friends and new from my childhood home came to me to thank me for what I had done for them.  It was all a surprise.

Had I dared to live as God painted?


When we dream we dream in color.  Do we live thus?

Living requires a different kind of seeing.  Sight without eyes.

… we walk by faith, not by sight

2 Cor 5: 7


Share the reality of God with others.  You’ll help save a life when you do.