No matter what answers a given faith might provide for us, every answer of faith gives infinite meaning to the finite existence of man …

Leo Tolstoy, in Confession

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Faith alone gives life meaning, meaning that conquers suffering, deprivation and death.  Only faith gives infinite meaning to finite existence.  Nothing else squares the circle.  Without faith, life losses meaning, sustainable meaning and purpose.

As Tolstoy says: ” … the meaning of life and possibility of living may be found in faith alone.”  Faith for him “is the force of life.”  For him finite life is illusory, until faith is added.  Then, illusion becomes reality, reality beyond the finite event.

Tolstoy asks “What am I?” He answers, “A part of the infinite.”

Tolstoy observes that “since the beginning man has sought to articulate the relationship between the finite and the infinite.”

He adds:

The concepts of an infinite God, moral good and evil, the immortality of the soul, and a relation between God and the affairs of man are ones that have been worked out historically through the life of a humanity that is hidden from our eyes.  They are concepts without which there would be no life, without which I myself could not live, and yet, putting aside all the labor of mankind, I wanted to do it all over again by myself and in my own way.

Reinventing the wheel never seemed to me a wise use of time.  Yet, be God we will insofar as is our habit, our folly and poor use of life and its finite nature.  No wonder we turn in circles and make endless trouble for ourselves and others.  In the oddest of ways we seem intent on destroying life so that there will be no one to name the folly in which we engage.  Enter Christ.  Exit Christ.  In this, faith and the faithful become our enemy.  It need not be.


This completes Faith: Tolstoy and You.  It is my hope that you gained from it, in its five parts.  I suggest that you look at each and see the trajectory.  It is your trajectory and mine as well, our journey.  As always, share this with others if you can. Peace be with you.