My break in faith occurred in me as it … still does among people … in most cases it happens like this: people live as everyone lives, but they all live according to principles that … have nothing to do with the teachings of faith but for the most part are contrary to them.  (Emphasis added.)

Leo Tolstoy, in Confession

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Yes, we are social beings and we live among others in culture.  We default to the culture, for fear of isolation and abandonment.  Fads, fancies, and folly follow and we jump right into line.  Indeed, more so in mass communication culture where homogenization is the dominate effect.  I mean really: seventy year old grandmothers with tattoos on their ankles!

This is precisely why culture is critical and a critical consciousness as to culture is indispensable, especially so now. After all, is Bruce Jenner in any form significant? Does the need for one person to attain some public notoriety warrant anyone’s attention?  Much less the attention of the “news media?”

Tolstoy tells us how the faith of his childhood diminished with the growth of his “intellect.”  That is, his head supplanted his heart.

As he says: “I ceased to believe.”

Initially his faith became “perfection” – intellectual perfection, then the perfection of his will, then physical perfection.  Each he said was founded on his quest for “moral perfection” which quickly gave way to “a desire to be better not in my own eyes or the eyes of God, but a desire to be better in the eyes of other people” which he says quickly dissolved into a desire to be “stronger,” “more renowned,” “more important,” and “wealthier than others.”

My goodness!  There you have it.  This is who we are today.  Hillary and Bill. Hollywood.  Faux  TV “journalists.” Our downward spiral.

I suppose the subtitle of this post could be “Lemmings, Intellect and the Loss of Faith and Country.”

Think about it.  More tomorrow.


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