… the will to keep silence is an act of veneration.

F. Malava, A Simple Method

+ + +

In the beginning is the Word.  In the end silence.  But are they the same?  Two ends of a larger whole of reverent silence – the endless night sky, reaching out in sleep eternal.

Between the beginning and the end there is chatter, sound all around – mostly, there is little silence.

But in the night after decades there is sleep then and silence at 2 a.m.  God in the journey and God in the silence. God in all things.

The God of the journey silently present, giving for the most part voice in silence – in small clues, twists and turns – unexpected this and that – nudges and then shoves.  We are, by nature, not apt to know what is best for us, so God’s will in silence turns the moment, the head, the heart – so eyes might see what is invisible and there for us to see.

God’s silence in dreams; their Author speaks – messages we need, tucked deep inside to be discovered and unlocked. Illumination in these sleep stories.  The search for home, the departed, things broken and misplaced – things like we knew, mixed with differences in just a way to make the tale real and not real at the same time, and in the divine nocturnal movie make things more so, a bridge between what is known and not known, reality that exceeds mortal reckoning.

Dreams in silence, in the night’s dark silence.

All this in silence.  After years, silence grows.

Silence – a management problem.  What do we do with silence?  Accept the monastic foundation stone.  God in Word and in silence.  In the end, Word loudest in silence.  The silence of sight opens the heart and grows wisdom.  Silence the door to eternity.  It seeps into day and but pours into night.

“It is finished.”

Jn 19: 30


Share with others if you wish.  We are brothers and sisters to one another.  No more divisions that antagonize. God bless.