For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.

Jn 3:16

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What is Christianity?

A promise.  A way of fully being.  A mission to be completed.  A code of conduct. Meaning.  Intimacy.  The past and the present and the future.  A mystery. Certainty.  A way to knowledge.  A compass for life’s journey.  Acts of courage. The soul of Western civilization and its democratic systems.  The root of our legal system.  Our freedom. Civil society.  Community.  The Kingdom of God on earth. The soul of believers, and others.  The parent of the arts and the sciences and builder of universities.  Hundreds upon hundreds of years of guidance and inspiration. Eternal life.

Shall all this be forfeited by silence?  Fear?  Affluence?  Politics?  By the Left? Modern liberalism without God?  By God’s exclusion from the civic square? Because of the alleged genius of men and women full of politics and self?  Or misplaced hope in father-government?  Or its endless folly and corruption? Or witless individuals who masquerade as leaders?  By the special pleadings of small groups with their particularized grievances or interests intent to submerge the whole with their idiosyncratic claims?  By courts?  The application of a narrowed understanding of “equality?”  Or those faithless ones who chatter loudly without due claim to knowledge, or wisdom?

Giving away one true great gift is reckless, suicidal, a death-wish imposed on civilization.  Once gone such a gift is not easily recovered.

We live in difficult and dangerous times.  No time for silence.  The rubber hits the road in these times.

What shall you do when government does neither value nor defend your faith? When your faith is attacked?

Yes, it is on you.  You.  Each of you – and your neighbors.  Stand tall.  Stand together.  Be One.  Stay strong.  Keep faith.  Live faith overtly.  As your foundation in all things.


If you are moved by this, please share it.  If you are moved by this, join together – act as One.  If you are moved by this: give thanks to God – for your heart is alive, the Spirit is present, and your soul breathes.  It is our time.  It is our turn.