… art is … a replica of the perfection of God …


This post is dedicated to those who find peace and calm in creating, in art and their call to it.

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So writes Michelangelo in his Dialogues.

Why does a man draw?  Sculpt?  Paint?  Hand craft wood?  Write?  Play music? Compose a symphony?  Create? Why is it that creating art so satisfies?  Gives us peace?  Allows us to be absorbed in a way that time evaporates for us, becomes timeless?  Soothes us?  Quiets us?  Dissolves conflict in us?  Gives us joy? Animates us as nothing else can?

Because art is as Dante says in Inferno “a grandchild of God.”  And this lifts and delights the soul.  Transports us from the world and its plight, our injury and concerns.  Art heals, restores us because it lifts and delights the soul.  It is distinct from work; it exceeds the world – it jumps today in its doing.

Theodore Dreiser says it is “the stored honey of the human soul.”  Joseph Conrad says it is a “single-minded attempt to render the highest kind of justice to the visible universe.”  I might say art shows beauty and perfection to another as it confirms each in the artist.  It reassures like few things do.

Jacques Maritian says it continues creation.  I might say it soothes and comforts because it is closest of all things to God. That it is a reverent act, a holy pursuit. That is an expression of faith in its most native, pure and first form; that not all faith is expressed in conventional ways, no more than God is present in one form, or one ritual, one day, one religion … or in word, or thought, or deed.

If you are lifted by art, drawn to it – if it comforts and eases all time and concern – stay with art for in art you are close to the peace you need and deserve; in art you are Adam before the fall – he who walks with God and names the animals – in a perfect and innocent state, without conflict or confusion, or uncertainty or doubt.

God is ever compensatory.  For some art is compensation, a way to peace.  Called to art, then do art – create and do not neglect what is so divine a gift.  It is good. Tend to your call to art, to its expression of the divine in you.

Do in life what brings you joy, for joy is the presence of the Divine.


Thank you for sharing this and others posts with friends and family.  God bless.