Memorial Day, May 25, 2015

There is no Christian truth so clearly revealed as this, that the spirit of every Christian must be a spirit of sacrifice. (Emphasis added.)

P. A. Sheehan

This blog is dedicated to Pat Tillman and others who left the land and life of plenty to help those who faced tyranny and oppression.

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Today is the day in America when we remember all those who have fallen in battle to protect and preserve this country, its people and its ways.

It is fitting today to ponder Sheehan’s words.  ” … the spirit of every Christian must be a spirit of sacrifice.”

This a Christian truth revealed like no other.  Yes, Christians sacrifice.  It is Christ’s way.  Mary’s way.  The way of the Apostles, and so many martyrs and so many lay Christians – Catholics and Protestants.

But I wonder, as I live out the closing time of my life, if we are able to offer the sacrifice of those who have come before us, whose sacrifice got us to this point.

I see Christian genocide in the world and I hear only silence here.  Silence from our elected leaders, from our universities, the elites in private life, from celebrities, from many of our public intellectuals, from the mass of our population – even from our Church leaders.

Christians being killed because of their faith, driven from their homes and possessions, their land and livelihood – and silence offers not the voice of sacrifice but space for evil to grow.

Yes, we cannot even name the evil-doer.

We are a long way from sacrifice, and not even close to self-defense.

Many wonder what has become of us?  This silence is spell-binding?  Silence is not us.

How does one explain this?  It is simple really: we are not Christian as we once were.  And the same can be said of our brothers and sisters in Europe.

Think about it: the history of the West is the history of Christian sacrifice.  But has this now changed?

Success breeds contempt.  Yes, it really does – having been extraordinary successful we have come to have contempt for this land, the West, our values, what we have achieved, for success itself, for sacrifice, for valor, for bravery, for Christ and Christianity, for God and others.  In this, each remains too often the sole concern to be counted and worshiped.  This is not Christ, not Christian.

Take a hard look at yourself this day.  Are you living the Christian truth: that we lay down our lives for another – those we do not know by name, those not yet born – just as Christ so selflessly did?  Others have done so for you.

The sickness of selfishness is the first thing we must all face today for us to become what we have been.

May all those who died for us rest with God and in our hearts.  And may our faith be restored and acted upon.


There is nothing so more needed in the West than for Christians to be Christians once again.  Please share these words with others.