Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom … So his fame spread throughout all Syria …

Mt 4:23, 24

+ + +

We live stories individually and collectively.

The above passages tells of Jesus first acts of ministry and their location.  Syria. Ancient Syria.

Today the Middle East is in turmoil and Syria, in particular, is immersed in violence and destruction.  Our reaction to this has been non-existent.  A “line in the sand” uttered only so we might show our disinterest and it might be seen to others as impotence … an invitation to chaos and killing.

Jesus cared about Syria and its people.  We can justifiably ask: Do we as Christians care today as Jesus once cared?

Stories come to us in repetition.  Variations of common themes so we might learn and know what to do.

The religious narrative of the Christ and our Jewish kin is the most complete human narrative we possess.  Yet, we show by our actions that we neither value it, nor know it.  Syria today is clear illustration.

We can never be wisely led by those who are ignorant of our fundamental story.

Ideology is no substitute for the wisdom of the Judeo-Christian narrative. Ideology is the nursery rhyme for childish adults, nothing more.  There is no truth in ideology, nor is there purity.  One would think communism would have taught us this. But alas, without the Christian narrative fools seek to lead.  You need not follow.


Thank you for sharing this blog – and this post in particular.  Together we must revive the wisdom of our heritage and its story.  Without it, we are lost … and the skies grow dark.