“Truly, this was the Son of God!”

Mt 27:54

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These are the words of the centurion and others in the immediate aftermath of the Crucifixion.

When you think about Jesus as the Son of God and pair that with the proposition that Jesus resides within us, you come to ask: How does my life compare with his? And more to the point, what does his life tell me about my life?

Jesus, like us, was born a child and lived, as far as scripture offers, a life of relative obscurity until his 30th year.  One can assume his first thirty years were a time of formation and growth and that he emerged, in time, to serve and to face a great trial.

It seems that this is a trajectory we, too, might naturally follow.  We are born.  We form into adults over time, come to a depth of intelligence, understanding and faith, and face toil and trial before we are called home.

What might we learn from this?

Well, that we must form and grow in maturity, intelligence and faith, that our spiritual life evolves and we must tend to our growth as humans and as believers.

Likewise, we should know that toils and troubles will come our way.  Indeed, it seems that toils and troubles grow us as human beings and as believers – that they awaken the Spirit within.  We must form, and face difficulties to become fully human and mature spiritual beings.

As we walk with Jesus, acquire life as Jesus did – we have his companionship, the one essential relationship we need to proceed without fear.

Embrace Christ as the centurion and others did.


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