God is spirit.

Jn 4:24

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So simple.  So essential to the journey.  “God is spirit.”  The journey is to God, so the journey is in the spirit.

What does this say to us?

It says we are not material beings, nor are we bound or defined by material things.  It also says that we cannot know our identity through material things, that our habits in this world of trying to find satisfaction in mortal existence cannot fulfill us but that our joy and health, and contentment resides in the Spirit.

We are not human beings, but spiritual beings who live as humans, for a time, in a mortal realm.

Of course, knowing that God is spirit and we too are spiritual beings makes the material ways of this world and its cultures with its preoccupations – all its plans, programs, policies, politics, prized possessions, etc. – mere distractions, and our focus on them a great waste of time; a total focus on such is, indeed, a waste of life and a certain emptiness.

So what does this truth that “God is spirit” say, really?

It says: the heart knows what the head cannot.  It says: God resides in the heart and that it is the heart that illuminates the mind and animates us, makes us human.  It says: that our valued insights come to the head from the heart.  It says: that we know what is true only if we live in the spirit and move from the heart to the mind, and on to heartfelt, spirit-filled actions.

“God is spirit” allows us to live in the unknown, to live in uncertainty, to trust, to know peace and joy, and to love. With knowledge that “God is spirit” we understand and live an engaged detachment (to be in, but not of) as to all material things, circumstances, events – particularly injuries and those who cause them.  To these we are as Spirit, closer to God in being so.

With “God is spirit” fear disappears along with the need to know, and the quest for worldly security.

With “God is spirit” we need not grasp.

With “God is spirit” we are immortal.


Thank you for sharing this blog with others.  The world is in need of God and our consciousness of God.