I choose to live toward eternal light.

John Dunne

I write this post in the memory of Fr. John Dunne, C.S.C., and in thanks for my Dear Friend, Fr. Jake Greiner – each outstanding men and faithful shepherds.

+ + +

These are the words in the last sentence of John Dunne’s last book Dark Light of Love.

John, a Catholic priest, good man and wonderful writer, spoke of eternal life belonging to those who live in the presence and that awareness of “real presence” creates an eternal consciousness.  In this he meant that it is our privilege in being given life to experience the real presence of others, of us to others, and all life experience and, in turn, to God in all life.

I suppose an easier way to say this is this: we are to live life fully – life in us, life in others, life among us with others, life in creation, and in all this God in each – God in life,  God in all creation, God the Giver of Life in the life we each have been given.

I suppose you can say that life is God’s initial gift to us, a prelude to eternal life – yes, eternal life flowing from earthly life fully experienced, engaged, lived.

Now what might that mean?  What might that say to us?

For Fr. Dunne, and for us, it means a life from God, to a life returned to God. Alpha and Omega – the boundary of mortal life enveloped by the eternal Gift-Giver and His promise of eternal life.

In our journey we emerge, separate and reunite with God.  We are, in living the life experience, going to emerge, separate and, if we yield to faith, grow again to our reunion with Life’s Maker.

Life is a process of understanding, understanding its meaning, ourselves and its Maker.

Amends.  Yes, we make amends for the missteps and faults for there will be many. In the process more light comes into view and shadows diminish.  Darkness is overcome by Light.

I give an example.  Recently I was sitting with my Dear Friend Fr. Jake and we were watching a Showtime movie production and Jake turned to be and asked: “This is entertainment?”  How right he was.  How helpful he was.  Light overcoming darkness.

The movie, you see, had it raw parts, its violence and, while it depicted life as it is for some, it was more the image of Darkness, than Light.  Better that Light comes to the eyes than that darkness enters.  We move from separation to reunion.

“I choose to live toward eternal light.”

Yes, that is the journey, that is the movement in a life lived in faith, a life lived for reunion, for “eternal light.”

May you know that journey each day and may you come to ask: Do “I choose to live toward eternal light?”


Thank you for sharing this with others.  We are all disciples.  We have work to do. The world seeks Light.