God, indeed, who has predestined us to adoption … has conformed us to … Christ.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

+ + +

When we recite the Lord’s Prayer and say “Our Father” do we connect with what we say?

“Our Father.”  God – our Father.  Yes, we are the adopted children of God.

These two words introduce us to ourselves.  They identity us.  We are God’s children, adopted sons and daughters. Can there is a more profound identity?  No. Need we invent ourselves?  No.  But are we living as the children of God?  And I most certainly aim that question at me, not just those who read this blog or others.

Living as the children of God?  This can be a primary question each day.  At the start of the day and at the end of the day.

Have I been a good son?  A good daughter?

These are questions that lead us to continual growth, continual conversion.

Our journey is to a tender heart of love and the strength of belief that is our’s to behold, to possess, to utilize in all things we face.  Our journey is to humility, compassion, kindness, courage and tranquility, to peace, to leadership, to joy, and a happy life.

A new life and confidence amid all challenges awaits the children of God.  Are you that child of God?  You can be.

What would He not give his children who ask, since He has already granted then the gift of being His children?

St. Augustine