“Speak, for your servant is listening.”

1 Sam 3:10

+ + +

These are the remarkable words of Samuel who heard God calling him and stood ready to listen.

This is a good lesson for each of us.  Do we listen?  Are we ready to respond to God’s call?

How does God speak to us?  In creation itself.  In the recorded stories in Scripture. The stories in particular sharpen our ability to see God and hear God in the events of the world, in our own life events – the sublime and the traumatic.

Often God teaches us in the trials of our life.  That is not to imply that God creates trials for us.  We, as humans, do a rather remarkable job creating trials for one another – sometimes intentionally and other times unwittingly.  But the point to me made is this: God is with us always and very much as we face our challenges.

It follows that in times of trials, it is best to ask: God what do you want me to learn in this?  Or ask, God how are you directing me through this experience?

Trials are particularly significant to us, for in them we learn – gain understanding and wisdom.  Ironically, to set an impossible course of avoiding all difficulties in life insures that you will hear less of what God wishes you to know.

The cost of not listening and trying to govern life by yourself is always greater difficulty.

God’s love strengthens us in times of trial.  Listening for God as Samuel did is a primary lesson for those who believe. Indeed, it is interesting that if you are in the habit of listening for God, trials do not stir up anxiety in you – but rather expectation that God will guide and grow you in those experiences.

Listen for God.  Life is easier and problems shrink in size when you listen.


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