True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.

C.S. Lewis

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Prickly, narcissistic and isolated presidents.  Candidates who demand money at the cost of their character and soul.

We live in a time of “soap opera leaders.”  Their common denominator: rank insecurity.  Its explanation rests in disordered families and the unexamined self.

The insecure can think only of themselves; others are unimportant except to confirm their importance – an abyss of deficit and desire that is never filled.

Have we not had enough of these small potatoes playing as kings and queens?

Stable people have knowledge of themselves.  They have no need to play the part of being human.  They are.

Self-knowledge comes from the examined life, a range of experiences that comprise life in its full range – the experience of the human in his and her story, ageless story from years way past to what portends for far beyond today.

The self-examined life does not fabricate or select parts of its story, or put an admirable twist on the lesser acts, the mistakes, the hurts we as much caused as received.

The self-examined life produces humility.  The slide show that presents our best and worse moments, our successes and our failures.

Humility is pure gold – honesty.  It opens us to others.  It tutors us in wisdom, and mercy, compassion, wit, charm, stability, humor.  It opens our arms so we may embrace.  It sharpens our eyes so we may see, and tweaks the ear so we may hear. It tunes the heart so we may love, and care, and teach and lead. Humility awakens in joy so we might experience it where once we did not.

The humble are secure.  Only the secure can lead.  Others create disorder and decline, not knowing light from dark – being without insight, confidence or consistency.

Humility gives us tranquility.  It allows us to accept ourselves and others as we and they are.  We sleep better, eat less, and laugh more.

With disordered people in abundance, you would think we could find a humble person to rely upon, to lead us in darkness and with Light.

Have we not had enough of the injured and insecure pretending to be leaders?

 It is always the secure who are humble.

G. K. Chesterton


Note – I ask you to please continue to share this blog with others.  Your doing-so, I believe, helps others think about what it is to live well in a troubled time in the U.S. and the West.  Policies and programs do not change hearts.  That is a personal and private process of people helping each other – up close and personal.  All good things come from a change of heart for the better.  God bless.