You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril; you find out who they are.

Joss Whedon

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It is impossible to find out who you are without the journey.

A journey instructs, educates, challenges, probes the interior, defines, expands, connects the dots, links you with what is past, present, and future – what was here, what is here, what is beyond.

In the journey is your identity as it was divinely composed.  In the journey you learn to see what is invisible.

The journey reveals the meaning of a life, of life itself. The journey is spiritual; above all, it belongs to the Spirit.  God is in the journey, very much in the journey. For the journey resides within the Mystery.

Many do not journey.  Even in religious life this is so.  Some prefer religion as a way to escape the journey; they forsake the Mystery.

For some, religion is a protective regime, a dogma that “comforts.”  In such, psycho-spiritual development wanes, gives way to routine – ironclad routine, dreary repetition – life without Mystery.

No one holds the Mystery in their hand, or pocket.  Mystery is as dynamic as it is ageless and eternal.  Journey is its conveyance.  No journey, no Mystery.  No journey, no you.

The journey is to Truth.  Some shutter at Truth, prefer static and rote impressions of life, fantasies of one sort or another – ideologies and ignorance.  These ones thwart growth and maturity, understanding and compassion, intimacy and fellowship, community, too.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find. (Emphasis added.)

Mt 7:7

We cannot plan our life, its journey.  We can and must accept our life to have a life.

We need not fear the journey.  We are made for it.  We have a Protector who dissolves all the uncertainty into surprise – surprise that delivers what we could neither expect nor imagine.

Not I, nor anyone else, can travel the road for you.  You must travel it yourself.

Walt Whitman