“If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next.”

C.S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity

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There is nothing wrong in this broken, craven and pagan culture that would not be vastly improved upon if we simply began reading C. S. Lewis and injected his thought into all public conversations and private life.

Lewis was an atheist before he became a remarkable literary Christian apostle.  A professor of English literature at Oxford and Cambridge, he, as God would have it, embraced the hard questions about faith that the cradle Christian is not so finely tuned to raise.  Ah, how God calls the unsuspecting ones.  I, too, am a case in point I suppose.  Maybe you are too.

Having come to Christianity in his maturity and full senses, he made “righteousness readable.”  How we need Clive now!  Now in this crumbling time … a time much like Lewis found in Europe of the 1930’s with its murderous Communist and Fascist thuggery unchecked while assuming, as now, the mantle of state.

It was in these dark and imposing shadows that Lewis focused others, with clarity, on the irreplaceable nature of Christian thinking.  He knew the destructive power of corruption that attached to man, the lust for power, the role of lies in the furtherance of evil.  He knew the hellish product of selfishness so much the mark of exclusionary secularism.

A realist with clear vision and sound judgement, he knew that the failures of men in church garments did not mean that faith failed, that belief was useless and uninstructive or that it might be discarded in favor of self or ideology – never a plausible guide.

Wish to preserve the America and the West?  Read some C. S. Lewis and, more to the point: in living in this world, think of the next and speak, think and act accordingly.