In life and culture there are always two groups: those who burn and those who give light.

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I have been cleaning out my file cabinets and in doing so discovered a review of Gertrude Himmelfarb’s excellent short book entitled One Nation, Two Cultures.  In it, Miss Himmelfarb observes that we are a nation of two competing cultures: one practices, and aggressively imposes on us, an “amoral existence of dissipation and selfishness” while the other, a “dissident culture” holds to the virtues of “work, thrift, temperance, fidelity, self-reliance, self-discipline, cleanliness, godliness.” One who burns and one who gives light.

Today the former is a vocal minority that exercises disproportionate importance. They are on the Left, the so-called “progressives.”

In reading the review and the book you realize who these people are.

They are those who push the extreme minority agenda.  They are the misguided and selfish children of the 1960’s whose concentration is, and has been, to reject the morals, mores, manners and manifestations of American culture, a culture that they actually dislike and wish to destroy.

At present they have succeeded in destroying a good part of the fabric of healthy and prosperous life in this country. Their views are virtually always wrong-headed, shallow and destructive.

They are not reformers, but rather they deconstruct a healthy, safe, orderly, prosperous, good, civil and free America at great individual, national and international cost.  They destabilize fundamental elements of healthy society by attacking the family, religion and religious beliefs, sexual mores, work, citizenship, the free market, sobriety, virtue, civil discourse and the like.

They reject the notion of the family as the seed ground for virtue, socialization and civility, and a good and healthy life.  Rather, they advance individual desires and become, on all vices, an authority unto themselves with no room of dissenters. They love power and populate politics and law at all levels in order to force their destructive views and preferences on all others.  In this, they hold a rigid orthodoxy and are totalitarian.

Each believer, and the churches to which they belong, must determine how they will respond, lest faith and country be lost.

High stakes poker, people.  Burn or share light?