I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

Sarah Williams

+ + +

In days gone by one could not navigate on cloudy nights.  Dark leaves us unguided or so we think.  But in darkness there is instruction.  Darken nights speak to us.  They say: stand still, wait, be patient and assured.

They speak as answered prayers do in their own silence.  There is in prayer and God’s response this special thing: timing.

Are we to say to the stars at night: come out from behind those clouds?  Would they respond to our command?  So too, for silence when we implore?  The desire delayed is the moment ripened to its fullness delight.  The desire ignored is disaster averted, something better awaits we have not imagined in this dark of doubt and mortal demand.

Ah, accept the silence.  Wise is one who does.  Patience grows in silence and blossoms in acceptance.

Who might think in darken silence that God does not hear?  No one.  Do we not hear the sound of silence?  Can God not so?  We in His image, imperfect through.

In day and night and starry light in journey go.  So too in deep dark skies when we pause from flight.