Do not lose your inward peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.

St. Francis de Sales

+ + +

We are in the world.  Yes.  That is part of our existence, but not all our existence. There is an inner world for each of us, a world that connects us with an eternal existence.

To live in the world around us as if that is all that there is will be to miss what is interior and what is eternal.  Yes, you can find evidence of the eternal world in the world around you, the mortal realm – the coming and going in each day, those you encounter.  That world has its challenges, its schedule, its problems and conflicts and its moments of good things too, like laughter, intimacy, friendship, achievement.  But the inner world is still yours alone, a place for tranquility and meaning – for peace, an eternal place where past loves ones gather and you find rest.

Knowing who we are and resting in that space is where peace resides, where we are free and detached from things that claim us here in the material realm.  There what goes on about need not be housed.  We need not battle in the interior world we carry, nor prepare for the worse.  What is outside need not be inside.  God lives in each of us. There we can find ourselves.

Night is a good time for that inner existence.  Prayer at night and contemplation too is the door to the interior.

As night falls we go inside.  Dreams show us this.  Fast asleep, we rest and dream and in those dreams we find ourselves and what we carry inside.  The images and experiences of dreams often liberate us, explain what we have not yet understood. Dreams are summoned from what is known within, carried there.  They show what is eternal.

Go to your interior.  It is your private place.  There is peace there, and quiet, and calm, and God.

Never fear that place or ignore it.

When change comes upon you and something new is born, go inside – sit in quiet, pray, talk it out – talk it out with God.  Is this new thing good?  Is it a call? A call to greater experience?  Greater existence.  A call to more of me as God seeks more from me?

Fear no change or call from God.  Move in confidence even when uncertainty seems present.  No new worlds are discovered before they are unknown.

All is and can be inner peace, a refuge of calm from what is without, a sacred place where peace grows in width and depth.