… at the steeple of a distant little church … at that moment was tolling a late angelus.

From We Were in Auschwitz

+ + +

These are the simple words written by a poet and short story writer, non-Jew, while waiting with Nazi soldiers and officers to unload Jews from over-crowded railroad cars entering Auschwitz.

Somewhere along the timeline of the last century in so short a time from the Nazi horrors we have conveniently forgotten the unspeakable crimes the world witnessed merely 70 years ago.  In so short a time we have become indifferent. Despite Christ, indifferent.  Even in Lent, indifferent.  Even on Easter, indifferent? Indifference, not hate, the opposite of good.

How can this be?

The answer is simple: we have not placed God at the center of our life. Oh so many erstwhile substitutes, so many “good causes.”   Equality is one.  Men to make men equal to one another by race, and class, and gender, and sexual “preference.”

Yes, men at the center of human existence and what is good as if there is not but one Good.  How we like to think the universe and all that is unknown and unknowable is within our grasp – yes, even the warmth of the planet.

Little do we know or are willing to see in ourselves that our quest for such as “equality” displaces God.  We think less of changing hearts and more of policy, and politics, programs and power.  We stand tall but never kneel.

Equality, like many other things, reduced to material reality and our command. God shuttled aside.  How easily Satan deceives us, makes us “kings” and “queens” – masters of the planet.

Do we stop to think how equality and other “great” pursuits govern us where God might once have done so?  No, we do not.

The angelus bells, the angelus bells.  Is it not our task to hear them ring?  To hear them daily and defer to their sound.

Each minute of each day a train pulls into a gulag, a death camp and each moment of each day someone is killed, blown up, savaged because someone else seeks their due – desires “justice” or “equality.”

Without God notions of justice and equality produce only disequilibrium and, too often, destruction.

” … a distant church … the angelus.”  Do you hear any longer, you good people seeking omnipotent goals without God?