“He … who drinks the water that I will give him shall never thirst … the water that I will give him shall become a fountain of water, springing up unto life everlasting.”

Jn 4:13,14

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There is a wonderful sculpture at Notre Dame that sits on campus in the open air. It has around it an arc where you can sit quietly in its presence.  It is a life-sized sculpture of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, Jacob’s well – the one he gave to Joseph.  I often go to this place.

The words above are the words Jesus speaks to the Samaritan women.  As you recall the story, Jesus asks the woman for some water and she is initially apprehensive and reluctant and they have a short dialogue in which Jesus demonstrates that he is the Messiah that the Samaritans expected would come.

He says, as the above words report, that he himself has “the water” that will “become a fountain” that will spring into “life everlasting.”  He offers to her, and those who receive him, a good and everlasting life, a life of contentment amid human trials and disappointments – life that exceeds its mortal dimensions.

Christ is to be encountered as an experience and, as such, is to (and will) change fundamentally the life you life, the way you think and look at the world … and the way you act and what you believe.

Christ makes you a believer.  He gives your life a “why” that allows you to surmount any “how.”

For Christians there is no one and nothing but Christ that can do that – give you a “why” that surmounts any “how.”

Do you experience Christ in a way that changes your life?  Changes it fundamentally?  Provides a meaning and a way to live and surmount anything that comes your way?  Gives you a confidence that lives and grows?  Inspires others and brings stability to all things?

If you are not at that point, why not?  The Samaritan woman was so moved.  Are you not as valuable as she is?