Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.

Ps 143:3

+ + +

Day after day, night after night we see in the news that human beings run amok. And we see that people expect that human conduct will be perfected by man, no less.  By laws.  Laws made by man.  By actions and penalties imposed on man by man.  By sanctions that man authors.  Plans and policies that man conjures up.

Oh, that we are so powerful!  All this a proclamation of man’s pride, his and her foolishness, ignorance.

Did not Cain kill his brother Abel? (Gen 4:8)

They preach, these wizards of wisdom.  Nary a word from our contemporaries about God.

Why trust in man to perfect man, when princes themselves cannot?

The ideologues seem particularly reliant on themselves; yet, they do not levitate. They have plans and great expectations if we only trust in them.

Trust in princes and princesses when humans cannot save?  Is that your way? When will you learn?


Postscript – I woke up this morning to read that Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the agreement he is negotiating with Iran to keep them from becoming a nuclear-armed nation is NOT a legally binding agreement.  Princes.  All appearance – no substance.  As if that is not sufficient, prime time MSNBC TV news figure Al Sharpton, under IRS investigation, lost his “financial” records in a fire (twice).  Princes.  Honest as can be.  And to top it off, two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, where shot by “peaceful” demonstrators.  Princes.  Trust in their narratives.