A sage thing is timely silence …


+ + +

We sing “hosannas” and load the air with words of prayer, but silence is ignored.

In silence there is God, eternity – too.

I sit in silence when others rile the peace with loud shouts and rambling words, a ceaseless staccato of urgency – pleas that their needs be met.

I hear God in silence – the Voice in the Empty, in the Open, in the Eternal.  I detect God in the gray horizon of a leafless winter – in the pale of the snow and the freeze.  God singing in the ambient noise – faint, in tune, constant in comfort pitch – unfailing – a mother’s arms that cradle me.

In silence my slight movements resound, a page turning with its wisp of gentle roll, the creak of the chair as I sit back to see the still gray sky and hear distant geese in ancient flight.

Timely silence.  Peace inside.  Him in the endless pale gray sky in the early of late winter morn.

Timely silence.  There is nothing so sure as Timely Silence.  Him in Timely Silence. There, too, Loved Ones.