The individual who is not anchored in God can offer no resistance on his own resources to the physical and moral blandishments of the world.

Carl Jung, M.D.

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The Judeo-Christian heritage, the United States, and Western Civilization are built on metaphysical propositions: truths about the human person and what is best in them and for them … propositions that, mind you, are confirmed by the history of the human person and of human society, and by psychology, and part and parcel of psychiatry, in the quest for full human development, the healthy human being and healthy human society.

Secularism attacks the metaphysical.

Deconstruction of the Judeo-Christian culture and its principal mediating institutions: law, family, faith, religion, parenting, marriage, the school of virtues, history, memory, religious narrative, morality, etc. cast the individual and his or her life and culture adrift to be entirely dependent on their own highly flawed “reckoning” on what is “right” which, as we see, is usually frankly, wrong, injurious, destructive, and self-serving.

Ah, the legacy of the 1960 know-it-all children now roosting with their offspring in public life, media, academia, and “entertainment.”

Enter Hillary Clinton who, surprise-surprise, has conducted her entire tenure as Secretary of State outside the very plain legal requirement that she maintain all her email correspondence within the confines of a secure government internet. Security?  Law?  Conform to law?  Cede to others any authority larger than myself?  No way!

You see Mrs. Clinton is, like her colleagues on the Left, “above the law.”

In her case we have her history with the “missing” billing records in the Whitewater Affair regarding Arkansas land development showing up in the private White House quarters of President Bill Clinton and his wife.  We have her staff shredding State Department emails days after our government outpost in Benghazi, Libya, was destroyed and Americans killed without any defensive response from our government.  Then, there is President Clinton’s staff unilaterally limiting investigative access to Vince Foster’s office after his unusual suicide while Clinton’s staff rifled through his files for God-knows-what.

In his wonderful short book, The Undiscovered Self, psychiatrist Carl Jung, M.D., discusses how a decline in, or exile of, faith (i.e., metaphysics) leaves the person and the culture fragmented, incomplete and unhealthy – so much so that fiat, the person’s will and “desire” supersedes all else.

In this climate, as Jung anticipates, faithless conduct prevails in public policy and law and, like truth, are simply things to be used for one’s individual pleasures and needs.  In such a culture the unanchored individual who gains power turns all to their use, the world is turned upside down, and meaning, community, the rule of law and sanity are lost – simply destroyed.

Welcome to the lawless, upside down world without sanity or God.