We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men

Leaning together

Headpiece filled with straw.  Alas!

Shape without form, shade without colour,

Paralyzed force, gesture without motion; …

T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men

+ + +

Okay, people ask: How can it be that the press and media says virtually nothing about the on-going, unconcealed genocide of Christians?  Hollow men.  Hollow men.  That is your answer.

We think too much of the press and of our present culture.  We live uncritically, looking backward – occupying yesterday to make today both a fantasy and incomprehensible.  The La-La-La people.

Humans like to avoid what is disquieting, what might awaken them.  Fear of the hard reality fuels mental strife, emotional illness, psychological problems, addictions, broken marriages and broken promises, broken people and broken families, broken lands and broken dreams, suicides and inevitable defeat.

Self-deception is a deadly thing.

Hollow men and hollow women.  They are a common coin of the common realm.

These are not deep thinkers.  They are surface only.  Appearance.  Unembarrassed to speak of things neither examined nor known.  These are not men and women who have a central place for faith in them.  Their culture, their institutions, and our times do not welcome faith, do not value it.  Do not expect a rock to speak.  It will not.

We must be better.  We are capable of more.

What is one to do?  Recognize what we have and make appropriate adjustments. Listen discreetly.  Be selective. Begin to listen to your heart and think for yourself. Fortify yourself with what is needed: self-reliance, renewed faith and the insight and courage it brings, the fight in you that it stirs, the wisdom that it promotes.

The rubber is hitting the road.  The Hollow Ones think they are floating above the ground.  Headpieces full of straw. Gesture without motion.  No different from others in the “chattering class,” the self-proclaiming elites.  We are all susceptible to this dread.

Listen to only the faithful, the wise. True to form they may not be in “high places” very often.