Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Vladimir Putin’s chief political rival, Boris Nemtsev, was gunned down yesterday in Moscow on a bridge near the Kremlin.  He was a verbal opponent of Putin’s and opposed the role of Russia in the war in the Ukraine.  Mr. Mentsev was to have led a march in Moscow against the Ukraine war today.

Mr. Nemtsev was shot in the back several times by individuals who emerged from an auto and attacked him.

Mr. Nemtsev was age 55.

He is the sixth of Putin’s adversaries to have been killed.  Those adversaries are: journalist Yuri Shehekochikhin (died after 16 days of a mysterious illness), Forbes magazine editor Paul Klebnikov (shot from a moving car in Moscow), Anna Politkovskoya (shot outside her Moscow apartment), former Russian spy Alexander Litvinendo (died three weeks after drinking poisoned tea), former Kremlim insider Boris Berezovsky (found dead in this UK home).

We live in dangerous times.  ISIS.  Iran and its pursuit of nuclear weapons. North Korea.  Disarray on the Middle East with its rapes, decapitations, child-crucifixions, sex slave trade, mass murders, kidnappings, religious genocide (particularly aimed at Christians), overthrow of governments, arms trade, barrel bombing, anti-Semitism, Russian invasion of the Ukraine, etc.

However what makes this time even more dangerous is present federal incompetence and lawlessness, and the inane and embarrassing comments of our government “spokespeople.”

This is not a time in America when we are brimming with confidence.  Oh yes, Vladimir Putin has assured all that he will personally be in charge of the investigation as to Mr. Nemtsev’s murder.  Good luck there.

As for us: where are the leaders here?  You can’t beat someone with no one.  You can’t trump evil with inertia and incompetence, and there is no place for small-ranged amateurs when danger presents itself.

Those who do nothing in the face of evil are evil.