As soon as you look at the world through ideology you are finished.  No reality.  No reality fits an ideology.  Life is beyond that … life only makes sense when you perceive it as a mystery and it makes no sense to the conceptualizing mind …

Anthony De Mello, Psychologist and Jesuit

+ + +

Ideology is not life.  Ideology is death.

Mystery, the sum and substance of spiritual existence, is life – life is mystery.

Christianity is about mystery.  Christian beliefs flow from mystery.  Christians believe.  They believe life precedes and extends beyond mortal existence, that life is precious and God-given.  They are Believers.  Believers live vertically, looking skyward.

Ideology and ideologues live horizontally.  They are materialists – they live in the flesh.  What occurs here on earth matters most to them.  They measure life by power and control.  They foster totalitarian regimes, brutality so easily justified and committed.

Enter ISIS.

The ISIS and their cohorts do not represent a Holy War.  They present the collusion between ideology and belief. Between the mundane and the mystical. Between the mortal and the eternal. Between death and life.  Evil and good.

True to form evil attacks good, as it always has.  This is the governing motivation of ISIS and all ideological actions: the eradication of Good.

Less we be too sanguine, let us be reminded that the American Left is driven by ideology.  See how the Left assembled at the home of the elderly parents of the Wisconsin governor to harass them and drive their son from the national scene. Think of SDS and their cohorts who bombed and robbed and killed to advance their Leftist views. Think about the “isms” that have so divided the country from the 1960’s to the present.

Think, too, of the Communist spies who worked for the Soviet Union to steal American military secrets.  Or the Soviet gulags, and mass murders, forced starvation. Ideologues.  All without heart.  Death to others, even innocents, to “advance” their ideas.

Perhaps you can now better understand our reluctance to respond to ISIS or help those in their murderous path.

Ideology versus Belief.  You be the judge.

“as soon as we renounce fiction and illusion, we lose reality itself; the moment we subtract fiction from reality, reality itself losses its discursive-logical consistency.”

Slavoj Zizak

Belief – indispensable to life and civilization.  Faith and its narrative, you see, exceed time and space.  God is larger than man and idea.