We were promised sufferings.  They were part of the program.  We were even told “Blessed are they who mourn,” and I accept it.  I’ve got nothing but what I hadn’t bargained for.

C. S. Lewis

All ideologies are idiotic … for it is conceptual thinking … which has so unfortunately divided us.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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You wonder why we are unhappy?  Utterly inert in the face of danger?  Spend wastefully?  Can’t tell the truth from untruth, and are lied to habitually?   Cannot find contentment?  Public leadership?  Wisdom in public narrative?  Are lost?

There are two reasons.

One, we have many among us who do not accept life as it is and always has been: an experience in which we encounter sufferings, misfortune, injustices, conflict and discontent.  Two, we are awash and, on the Left, governed by ideology which, aside from being idiotic and fictional, divides us.

The unwillingness to see life for what it is, coupled with ideology which divides us, is a powerful cocktail for deconstruction of a culture and a nation, each imbued with a respect for the Divine, whose genius was a federal system of representative democracy that modeled limited federal government and expressly reserved power to the states and its sovereign people.

We are losing what we had and who we have been.

Recently liberal newspapers have run articles on three of the Republicans who appear to be, at the present, attracting favor as possible presidential candidates for their party.  The articles did only one thing: besmirch the individuals, make them look bad, impune their character, cast a shadow over them.

Character assassination is a specialty of the ideological Left.  You need only read any number of accounts of totalitarian communist states to see this.  Leftist ideology is always divisive and anchored in pride – in an “I know more than you do, I’m smarter than you” mentality.  Rubbish!

In healthy humans and healthy culture pride has no place.

We need unity and respect for one another, not division.  We need a maturity that sees the world as it is, not some ideological, self-serving fairy tale which grants power to some, enslaves the rest, destroys community and softens us for the kill. 

Want to see a healthy and strong society emerge?  Be grown up – accept life as it is and stop listening to ideologues – you’ll know them because they always divide, would have us in a constant state of discontent and selfish special pleadings about ourselves.

Enough of this childishness.  It does not flatter us – and it is dangerous.

… whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God

1 Cor 10:31