.. the dentist who can stop one toothache has deserved better of humanity than all the men who think they have some scheme for producing a perfectly healthy race.

C. S. Lewis

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Ivy League Cornell University is charging its students a $350.00 annual fee if they do not buy the University health insurance even if they have health insurance.  Yes, you have to pay for what you do not buy, even though you already purchased it.  This is defended as sane by the University president who is a medical doctor!  Geez, Louise. 

Welcome to the upside down Orwellian world of the American Left.

Yes, the utopian views they envision and foist on the land is always a nightmare for others.  Their foolishness does strip the bark from the tree but the immediate problem is that decades of their nonsense has gotten to the roots and now the tree is poisoned. Their ideas, advocacy and policies have brought those who wish to kill us closer, and made our great-grandchildren impoverished debtors, if the country lasts that long.

Had enough of utopia?

One hopes this converts this destructive party and its cohorts to a distinctly small, discredited group as soon as possible. Sane people avoid being hit on the head with a hammer at some point. Can I count on your sanity?

Lewis, in the essay from which the above quote is lifted, makes the point that it is foolish for people to think that all “miseries in human life” are “curable if only we can find the right cure” and he credits this view with reliance on “the fanaticism of Marxism” and other fanciful, static, simplistic, narrow and irrational ideologies which, while not certain, must still be vigorously applied.

Says Lewis: ” … the best results are obtained by people who work quietly away at limited results.”

Limited results … Does this not give substance to the wisdom of limited government … until now our governing genius, a protection from colossal failure and tyranny?  Limited results … the presence of humility in that phrase. Limited results … the human being bending to the curve of the world, more apt to bend a knee.

Follies and disasters always come from those whose prideful targets are, as Lewis reminds: universal justice, universal health, universal peace and the like. These secular zealots deny reality, ignore history, the limits of human beings, and the dire consequences their advocacy brings.

There are no schemes for producing a perfect life.  Better we be mature and live within the scope of human existence – imperfections and all, chipping away at what we can reliably accomplish and not allowing pride or the prideful to jeopardize what must always be done, other people, our nation or civilization itself.

Many persons might have attained to wisdom had they not assumed that they already possessed it.

Seneca, 1st Century B.C.