Men occasionally stumble on the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

Winston Churchill

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Watching most of the media trying to report on the current administration in Washington suggest rather strongly that they are not well educated, and surely not well read.  Why would I say this?

Well, first they are at a loss to explain the confusion and workings of a White House that seems to be run by a small coterie. One observes that foreign and military policy is set in the White House without much input from seasoned experts at the Pentagon and in the State Department.  Not a wise practice when our security interests are being dismantled, allies are backing away, and the risk to us is growing.

So why do I say the media is not well read?  I answer thus: Hans Christian Anderson and “The Emperor’s New Suit.”

Do you remember the tale?

Well, in Anderson’s story a team of con-men come to town pretending to be tailors and they convince the emperor to invest in a new and expensive suit that they will make for him.  To make the most profit from their efforts they make the suit out of thin air and convince the emperor that only the most ignorant and stupid people will not see and recognize his beautiful new suit.

With this, not wishing to be thought ignorant or stupid, the emperor prances down the street in his “new clothes” while his subjects line the street and applaud the naked emperor.

The point to be made is this: neither the emperor nor his subjects wish to be classified as either ignorant or stupid so they accede to what is obviously untrue. (Are you listening, media?  “Entertainers.”  Party partisans? Intellectuals? Academics?)

Well, the story ends with this: one small boy cries out, “The emperor is naked!”

The boy’s father tries to silence the lad for fear that a reprisal might come.  But it is too late.  The boy’s honesty confirms for the crowd what their eyes actually saw: a naked emperor, bereft of a single stitch of clothing strolling down the street as if fully clothed.

If there is a small child in the media would you please speak up.