The innocent victim knows the truth about his executioner, the executioner does not know it.

Simone Weil

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Innocent people beheaded and displayed on the internet, reported on the nightly news, in the newspapers.  But our responses are tepid, very tepid.  Those in control of response cannot connect radical Islam with acts of terror.

Do we see the executioner?  Do we see him as clearly as the innocent victim does? More to the point – and precisely so: do we see God in the innocent victim? Christ, our Innocent Victim?

There is a high cost to loss of faith, to the exile of belief from life and culture.  It is first: blindness, and then inertia, and then death.  Does Christ not tell us this? Show us this?  Crucifixion.

Without God we cannot see.  Our experience is thwarted.  We see and experience only what our small frame of reference permits, is comfortable with.  Pride, you see, comes in many forms.  Here we have its basic ingredient: the thought that we know better than God, know more – that we are the Divine and our small and stilted thinking, our ideology, our stupidity, our ignorance, our bias, our crippled self can govern all things.  Really?

Our responses say: we cannot see God in the innocent victim nor do we see the executioner.

This, Friends, is a lethal cultural blindness that we have been building for some time.  It is strongest among the Left who have invested in the mind, in themselves, politics, power – but not the soul, not faith, not God.  We are simply mortal, imperfect – not God.  Alone, so often mistaken.  Pride is not protection, no foundation stone.

We’d best change and do it soon.