… the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Mt 7:14

Dedicated to Chris Kyle, his wife, their children, their parents and their Seal colleagues and their families.

+ + +

In our birth itself we are called by God into existence, called with a purpose we are destined to know and a mission we are destined to fulfill.  Our part is simple – we are to accept the life we are given, submit to it in all its variations, its joys, it uncertainties, its challenges, it hurdles, setbacks, loses, inexplicable injustices and hardships.

Simply stated, we are called into life and we are, in answer to that call, disposed to accept life and make the very most of it.

Chris Kyle, his wife, his children, their parents and friends, their Seal family do just that.  Their acceptance of their call to life and to its mission are a pristine, unvarnished act of worship, a life lived with confidence in God and love of others more than self.

This is who we are all called to be; for, in being called into life we are invited on a hero’s journey.  Each of us is so called.

But the question lingers: Do we accept this call?

A culture that builds on faith encourages all to accept this call.  One that is not, does not so encourage but rather sows fears and selfishness that would diminish each man and each woman, each boy and each girl.  In diminishing each we diminish all.

We once sought naturally the small gate and the narrow way.  Lines formed to pass on through.  It seems that has been less the case in recent decades.  But alas, we see this now and time now asks more of us.

May we learn from the best whose lives beckon our return to our better ways, ways of faith and selfless service.

Better we pay the price than our children and grandchildren, our wives, our parents, our siblings, our friends and their families.

Thank God for those who lead us to the small gate and the narrow way.  May we be as they are.  May they live in us forever.