For the Lord’s portion is His people, Jacob His own allotment.

He found him in a desert region, In an empty howling waste.  He engirded him, watched over him, Guarded him as the pupil of His eye.  Like and eagle who rouses his nestlings, Gliding down his young, So did He spread His wings and take him, Bear him along on His pinions;

The Lord alone did guide him, No alien god at His side.

Deut 32: 9-12

+ + +

This from the Song of Moses.  A lesson for the learning, not to be forgotten.

Yes, He like the eagle who teaches the eaglet to fly, casting the young out of the nest housed on the highest cliff where flight is soaring when it is mastered.  Yes, His pinions hold us from failure, teach us to fly without fear, unchecked by failure.

But do we fly?  Do we believe in life?  In the Eagle?  Do we live?  Or remain in the nest, fearful of flight and failure?

To fear to live preserves not childhood, but childishness.  This does not flatter those who age.

The woman is to bear a child.  The man to feed a family.  But why is woman alone with child?  And who is her husband?  It cannot be the state for this is the eaglet in the nest, wings that do not fly.

Man uses many things as nest.  The institution that guarantees work and a pension.  He, too, likes the nest more than flight.

What can be said of faith in all this?  Of relationship with God, confidence in God and in self with God?

Are we in the company of an alien god, too afraid to fly?