Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves.

William Hazlitt

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We have all encountered those who are relentlessly intent on creating discord in our life.  Surely and sadly, this is present at times within our family, and among those who should be a source of support and comfort.

Perhaps you have been asked by those on the receiving end of the discord what they might do in this situation.

When I am asked this question I suggest that the one being attacked detach from the experience.  By that I mean a number of things: one, do not continue to engage in relationship with those intent to bringing you discord.  Two, recognize that those who habitually bring discord are the living embodiment of unhappiness and disorder.  Three, I do not mean cease to have a full emotional existence, that is – I am not saying stop feeling, but rather see who is attacking you as one who is disordered and keep your distance but do not deny how you feel or your emotional existence.

I concede that this is easier said than done.  So I propose something more: recess to the quiet of your heart, a heart surrounded by the stillness of God.  Go to a chapel and sit.  Take time alone in nature or in your room and sit in silence, in quiet.  Speak to God, or simply sit and listen in silence.  I add find those who offer you reception, who listen and share their words, their wisdom, their consolation.

Your wholeness is within.  When you recess there you leave behind the people and behaviors that stir you up, make you angry, prompt a regrettable response or diminished feeling about yourself.  Your wholeness is at the center of your being – in the heart, surrounded by God – that which is good and cannot to otherwise.

It is often the case that whose who constantly attack you are far from God; they usually are godless.

This is no coincidence.  Godlessness produces hostility and untruth.  The godless are not happy unless they are antagonistic and sowing disorder.  Those without God destroy.  It is their way.

You who are attacked are wise to retreat into God, return to your heart and silence and rest in what is good, eternal – rest in God.