… the Lord himself will give you a sign, the young woman is with child …

Is 7:14

+ + +

When I visited my grandson Jack for the first time, I was struck by the power he had.  Here was a month old, little baby who had, in his birth, transformed my son and and his wife into Dad and Mom and made of them a family.

Now I do not speak as to form, but as to substance.  A husband had become a father, and a wife had become a mother and in those three – Jack, Mary and Jared a family came into existence.  Mom blossomed and Dad and Mom were a team, and now neither Mom nor Dad went anywhere or thought of anything that did not include Jack.

This little child brought laughter, and mutuality, and joy, and concern, and tenderness, and purpose, happiness, delight, gratitude to a man and his wife, a wife and her husband … and to a grandfather, and love to each.

There is something very powerful and very special that God does with a child.

On the eve of a New Year, may we come to see, know and experience this.  May we come to want each child that is conceived, that is born.  May we see in the woman, a mother. May we revere the mother, as we do the child.  May we know each father as a father, and see him attend to his wife and his child.  May we see family, family in place, family assembled and preserved, like the child – a hallowed gift from God. May we come to our senses.  May we discard what injures or impedes family and neglects the gift of the child.

To make things right and well, it is first that we must know the power of a small child, the mission of an infant – the unique power they possess to make a man a father, a woman a mother and create a family and make of us a good and humble people.

No more nonsense.  Child.  Mother.  Father.  Family.  Do these things right, and all will be well.