Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.

Phil 2:5

+ + +

God became man.  Such a remarkable proposition.

Think of the above and the larger text it comes from, a text telling us of the humility of God.  What does this proposition tell us?

Yes, it establishes God’s love of us, and God’s humility and the value of both love and humility.  But there is more.

Jesus is the paradigm for being a human.  Jesus shows us what we can be, what we are equipped and born to be as a human being.  He gives us a template to be followed, fulfilled – a way in which we can be happy, and healthy, have meaning and live with purpose – know love in the giving and receiving, fear not and have courage and peace within to share with others.

In living as Christ vulnerability does not give pause, belief brings confidence and risk fades away.  In living as Christ, suffering is a pathway to growth, compassion, maturity, understanding, wisdom, tenderness, sight, peace and purification.

If we live as Christ we allow the Word to be in the flesh.  Living as Christ we become the servant that Christ willingly became.  In this, God lives a human life in our thoughts, senses, experiences, relationships, emotions, triumphs and defeats. In living as Christ, we make a place for God among us.

In living as Christ, each of us has the opportunity to give God a new way of speaking to others.  This is particularly so in our work.  Illustratively, an academic need not confine his or her actions to the academy but rather come to see that his or her work gives voice to God to be shared with others outside the academy.  Is an artist not painting for more that those who also paint?  A writer writing for more than other writers?

In our actions we speak for God when we live in Christ.

Never construe a narrow audience when you live in Christ, rather assume all are the audience.

Truth is that when we live in Christ, it is Christ who lives not us alone.  Living in Christ, at some point our words are actually his words, our lives intertwined.

Does this not seem logical given the Eucharist and Jesus giving us his body and blood – that we might be his living presence?

Accept your life – all its parts and live in Christ as he has come to live with, as and in us.