In him was life, and the life was the light of men.  The light shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Jn 1: 4,5

+ + +

Life in Him.  Divine life as The Light of Men.

Today – The Life is born.  Today, The Light of Mankind arrives.  And darkness has not, and cannot, overcome The Light.

But alas, look around in Russia in the Ukraine, ISIS in the Middle East, Islamic terrorists in various countries, murderous drug gangs in Mexico, the small contingent of violent Leftists in our country, criminal gangs in our cities, political corruption, undemocratic behavior and those who stir up hatred.

There is even darkness in our families.

Darkness is nothing more than evil, the presence of Untruth – the opposite of Light, antagonistic to, and in opposition to, Life – and to Christ.  Darkness: life without Love, without Christ, and without virtue.

Today, more than any time in my seven decades I would say: it is time to stand with and for Light, for Christ, Christianity, and the Christian Way.

To stand for Light today takes resolve, courage, dedication – relentless determination.

We live in serious times of fundamental challenge at home and abroad.  Yes, rejoice today – but let this unique gift of Christ sink deeply into your soul, the fabric of your life – in short, rejoice and then live the Light of Mankind – live it daily.  Without Christ, darkness closes in.

Merry Christmas.