God sends us the most difficult circumstances to teach us the most valuable lessons.

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Our journey presents us with challenges, difficult circumstances.  They are presented within and without, in us and in the events of the exterior – the world that surrounds us.

If you remember Sophocles story of King Oedipus, you recall that when Orestes, his son, learned that he had killed his father, not knowing that he was his father, he plucked his own eyes out.

Stories give us truths arising from difficult circumstances.  Here, Oedipus blinds himself.

The lesson: we often turn a blind eye to what it is that we wish not to know – not to know about the world around us and the world within us – about ourselves, our parents, those we love, who we have become.

In this blindness, chaos and evil flourish.

Sophocles ancient tale speaks to humanity throughout the ages.  Yes, we blind ourselves rather than live what we are, what life gives us, our failures, our inner conflicts, the realities that surround us in this world – large and small, near and far.

This chosen blindness makes wisdom rare; for, to learn what is true and wise is to face yourself and the world as it is. Few dare do this.  Few are wise.

A genuine love of wisdom is a relatively rare thing in human life …