If every fool wore a crown, we should all be kings.

Welsh Proverb

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When I think of being in the presence of God, I choke up.  How is that?

First, it is an entirely involuntary and spontaneous reaction – and others have shared with me that they too have the same response.  I explain this to myself as the grace to know and experience what it is to be a pauper.

Now by that I do not mean that I consider myself less than others. No, my view more reflects that I realize what and who God is and that I know that none of us are God.

We are contingent.  God is not.

Humility is one of the greatest gifts we are given, a treasure to be employed – a silent companion that bends the knee or head in prayer or thanksgiving and grows gratefulness all throughout life.

I sense that humility preserves its seeds in our memory.

What seeds, you ask?  Seeds that grow humility.  The hardships we faced. The poverty we have known.  The humbling failures we have experienced.  The greatness we have witnessed.  The love given which we never had to earn.  The rejections we received.  The deaths that have come to us – of the young before their time, and the wise at their end.  The friendships that endure over time.  The forgiveness we have been granted.  The mercy shown.  The suffering spared and that which came.

A pauper has a rich estate.

When you are praised be grateful – as a pauper given a coin.


Note – A heartfelt “thanks” to those who sent birthday wishes to me.  You gave a pauper a coin … and he felt the presence of God.  God bless.