It is a healing discovery to know that we are everywhere surrounded by rationally impenetrable mysteries … psychic facts that logic can overlook but cannot eliminate.

Carl Jung, M.D.

+ + +

Dents, bruises, injuries, insults.  Life.  We all find difficulties in life.  Some have a whole blown in the foundation at childhood, others have a multiple cracks in the foundation rendered by a selfish and neglectful family where all things are put before the child as if to say: you do not matter to us more than we matter to ourselves.

Then there are the injuries along the way, when we are adults.

Between the gaping holes and the multiple fractures, the fractures seem more challenging.  They make us fragile, and require intricate care, real finesse in dealing with our self and the world.  With the gaping hole, one has a one-stop reality – there is a hole that I must attend to in order to sail on.

In either of the cases – childhood holes or multiple fractures, or the damages of adult injury, what Jung says is a guiding principle and the core of your health: there is an impenetrable center in you that cannot be eliminated.  Your strategy as a consequence: go there, cultivate that center – God at your center where the indestructible dignity of you resides without damage, whole and intact.

With the focus on God in you, Christ in you – you distance yourself from the hurts and those who injured you.  You detach from the event, leave it and defensiveness behind, as well as those who injured you in the past.  You leave the offenders in their destruction where they belong, where they reside as they are.

To do otherwise leaves you in injury and disarray, in a false state, in an untruth – that you are incomplete and perpetually injured.

In contrast, to going to the center proclaims reality, truth: what God has made cannot be broken.

Remember St. Paul in 2 Corinthians, chapter 12, there he acknowledges that he had a “thorn” in his side and sought relief from it and was given this response: God’s grace is sufficient enough for any “thorn” one encounters.

As this response tells us: God alone is all we need.  Your true self is there at that impenetrable center.  Go there, work to get there – that is your journey: a journey from outside to inside, from injury to healing and wholeness.

Our health depends not on miracles, but on seeing fully by going to the center, to God – where we are whole.