It is the law of the kingdom of God that every man shall participate in the gift which he willingly receives as a gift from God.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

+ + +

We are given gifts so we may use them.  This is intentional.  Know that this is true about you as it is about each and everyone.

Sometimes the gifts are hidden in a struggle, a heartache – other times they are planted right out there in the open – in a beautiful voice, a facility for learning or teaching, a love of children or a desire to help those who need help – or perhaps in a desire to grow in faith and share in deeds and words the fidelity of Christ, the love of others, understanding, forgiveness and mercy, and to make peace from discord.

But gifts they are and freely given, intentionally so.  Before you were the world’s, you were God’s and once in the world you are still God’s just as Jesus was the Christ.

The journey in life is, in large measure, the journey to find what your gifts are and how you are to use them.  In gifts and their use is our identity – a divine identity.

Be patient in pursuit of who you are – life will reveal the gifts and their use in the proper time.

Listen as you journey.  Others tell us of our identity, our gift and our intended role in life.  Be alert to challenges that refine who we are.  Likewise, listen to your heart.  To what does it call you?  To whom are you called?

We do not create who we are but rather discover who we are and been made to be.

To journey is to discover.

We don’t grow older, we grow riper.



Note – I am off today to Washington, D.C. where I will meet my new and first Grandchild – Jack Seneca Sylvester. Jack is one month and four days old.  He is a cute little muffin with a little pumpkin head.  He sleeps so peacefully. In my family, we love kids more than any other thing.  This will be a really big moment for me – bringing back all the memories of my mother and uncles and aunts, and grandparents who loved kids and loved me.  I will see in little Jack all the good works of those who loved and taught me, accepted me with open arms and open hearts.

Yes, I will hold Jack and kiss his forehead and probably shed a few tears of happiness.  I can hardly wait to see his little feet that will one day journey as you and I have … and his little blueberry toes.  I just love blueberries and those little toes that so resemble them.  God bless you and your children and little Jack Sylvester – one month and four days old.  Peace be with us all.