“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

2 Cor 12:9

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These are the words attributed to Christ by St. Paul in the Second Letter to the Corinthians.

“My grace is sufficient for you.”

In my conversations with people, I’d say virtually anyone who confers with me about their life and its trials and puzzles, I am struck by how little they account for God’s grace in their lives.

This experience leads me to St. Paul and the words above.

It occurs to me that we are born with grace sufficient to us, sufficient for anything we face: loss, rejection, abandonment, illness, misfortune, poverty, pain and suffering – anything we face.

If this is the case, why would we opt to depend on ourselves, on our power, wisdom, cunning, plans, actions, assets, others, worldly institutions, etc.?

If God’s grace is sufficient unto us and what we encounter are we not making a fundamental mistake to not count on the grace we have been given?

As you go through today ask yourself: Do I rely on God’s sufficient grace to see me through any difficulty that comes my way?

In God’s grace there is no difficulty that is great enough to defeat you.