Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Mt 6:10

+ + +

This is, of course, from The Lord’s Prayer.

Our first petition is this: that God’s will be done – on earth and it is in heaven.

Well what is this saying?  What might it be saying?  Does this not link heaven and earth?  Does this not link God’s will with its presence here, on earth and in temporal time?  Does it not link God’s will and our will?  With your will?

What if our essence, our greatest longing – the source of our contentment rests on acknowledging that God’s will is our will – the thing we desire most and that which will provide us the greatest happiness, full health, most contentment and peace possible for any human being?

What if we are made to have God’s will be our will?  What if our meaning in life rests exclusively on doing God’s will? What if we are made precisely for that?

If that be the case, is it not shear folly to deny God?  To impede the role of faith in culture.  To discourage religious belief?  To have government become hostile to religious belief and practices?

What if our fulfillment rests in a spiritual existence, rather than only a material existence?  In God’s existence not our own?

Think of what psychotherapist Viktor Frankl, M.D., says:

If the meaning that is waiting to be fulfilled by man were really nothing but a mere expression of self, or no more than a projection of wishful thinking, it would immediately lose its demanding and challenging character …

Living willfully our own desires cannot sustain.  There is simply not enough merit in anyone of us to build a full life, acquire meaning, know contentment, realize happiness, withstand trials, based on what we conjure up as our desire and will.

Such a course cannot satisfy, for it is a course independent of God and it says plainly: “I matter – I alone matter, I can seek and know perfection on my own.” This course is, despite how we pray, atheism in action.  It separates when union is needed.

” … Your will be done, on earth and it is in heaven …”

Do we need more than this understanding?