Adapt yourself to the life you have been given; and truly love the people with whom destiny has surrounded you.

Marcus Aurelius

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In the modern age we have oriented men and women in the West to “create” themselves.  This: a heavy burden, the source of great strain, a frustrating and restless path sure to break the human being.

Who can create what is already created?

We are wiser who know we discover who we are, rather than invent who we are.

Attention: Jean-Paul Sartre – we do not invent ourselves, design our essence. That is the costly folly of modern life.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Jn 1:1

Well, “literalists,” what is word’s meaning in Greek?  It is the idea that there is a divine principle which orders the universe and brings the mind of man and woman to God.

Word for the Greeks was logos.

The extraordinary psyhotherapist Viktor Frankl, M.D., reminds us that logos meant “meaning.”  Frankl hears the first verse of the first chapter of the Gospel to John as saying: in the beginning there was meaning and the meaning was with God, and the meaning was God.

Well, what if the meaning of human existence is God?  What if our essence is God? What if our identity, and peace, and contentment, health and happiness, and purpose rests in God, in a relationship with God?

Well, for one thing Sartre and modern man would be traveling in exactly the wrong direction, and most of what governments do would also be headed in the wrong direction.

Surely efforts to exile God and faith from Western secular culture would be wrong-headed – unless, of course, you wish to reduce, even destroy, the human being or manufacture endless ills, disorders and sadness among them.

For Frankl, the primary force in a human’s life is to identify one’s meaning.

Does that view not fit with the Gospel of John?  Does the logic of the first line of the first chapter of John not square with Frankl’s view?

Think about it.  You may be headed in a wrong and troublesome direction, a needless direction.  Meaning and contentment may be closer than you think and of far easier access than you can imagine.

Why else would there be a Christ?