“Dr. King has got to be spinning in this grave.”

Joe R. King

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Last night on television Joe King, an African American conservative commentator, decried the conduct of those who looted and set cars and buildings afire in Ferguson by saying that these people, “thugs” he called them, and their deeds besmirch the name of Dr. Martin Luther King and the many legitimate heroic individuals who gave themselves selflessly in the Civil Rights movement in this country.  How right he is.

Further, Mr. King called out the President and his Attorney General who foster and excuse this behavior through their distorted political views.

In some ways the predicate for both the fires and the looting are set by the language of “progressive” politics and the personal, familial failure to raise children to be whole humans.

“Progressive” politics is Leftist politics.  Its home is in the Democrat Party.  It is a soft-shell, remnant of Marxism and runs on division and creating opponents and demonizing and dehumanizing them.  It licenses hatred and conflict.  It is liberal politics without the freedom.  It is resentful.  It is stubborn, prideful, arrogant I’ll-hold-my-breath-until-I-get-my-way politics.  Its product in Ferguson is arson and looting, the destruction of other people’s property.  And, it is a long way from Dr. King.

How does family failure figure into the behavior of those who ran the streets of Ferguson last night?

All humans need to experience that by their birth they have power, the power to be.  Knowing this is a process of growth.

Initially an infant’s cries and needs must be lovingly met, then in early childhood each must be affirmed – treated as they matter.  It is from this affirmation that a child comes to realize that they are to be esteemed as humans, God’s beloved.

The family is the place that these things happen or fail to happen – and faith has a vital instructive place in this development.

Obviously, having two loving, mature and competent parents is critical in this process.  Equally obviously, having one parent (an uneducated, unmarried teen mother often with needs not previously met) is not apt to suffice.

From broken, faithless lives, broken, faithless lives flow.

By choice, we manufacture those who loot and burn.  It is the individual human and not the structures of society that set the place to burning and theft.  It is leftist ideology and its variants which add the fuel for “the misbegotten.”

When children are properly raised they come to know that they have power, that they matter and they claim in a mature way their space and their dignity.  When they are neglected, they show their neglect and the failure of their parents by their destructive conduct.  Violence is the choice of those who have not been tended to by their parents.

There is, by the way, very little a government can do to parent children properly – that is a personal responsibility, a freedom, and a God-given blessing.

The flames of poor politics and failed family were evidenced in Ferguson.  ‘Tis a shame.