… what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and what in the morning was true, will at evening have become a lie.

Carl Jung

+ + +

The ego is full of defenses and the soul is not.  Morning is not night.

When we age and approach the end of life it is best to shed the ego for it is the soul that meets eternity.  Yet, the mortal world engages the ego and keeps a grasp on us.  It does so in many ways.

How might we shed the ego and embrace the soul?  As day becomes night and light dims.

Be conscious of what tethers us to the ego – our fears, our habits and ways of thinking, endless tasks, our concerns about the demands of mortal existence and all its structures.  These are the predicates of attachment to mortality and living in the ego.  From these flow the particulars – telephone calls not returned, anger at insults met, affronts of one sort or another that flow from daily discourse, distances from others, voices lost that once were not.  All these stir the ego and hide the soul from us in daylight.

But we are souls, eternal beings – and destined for eternity – life without end, life in the soul.  As light closes we see.

To shed the ego is to find the soul, to know what is eternal in the mortal world.

Without ego we meet the soul, who we are.  With the ego this is not so, for in ego we are bent to the world’s dimension not God’s form and being – blinded by daylight.

The art of being and our deepest, inexhaustible, actual identity is in the soul.

In aging and mortality, we meet the soul if we shed the ego, create a distance from the day-to-day, accept dusk and its gentle tones, sit quiet in the afternoon.

Aging is a blessed time.  A time of settling up and clearances – open fields where the soul reigns and the ego fades.

Aging is the soul’s time, an entry to the eternal.

Do not fret when your children forget you.  Their life is in the mortal world where ego governs among the fears and customs.  Your journey when young was quite the same.   But now you live who once did not.  The morning is not evening.