Present to ourselves in the fullness of our own personality, we are present to Him Who is infinite in His Being, His Otherness, His Self-hood … a … presence of self to Self …

Thomas Merton

+ + +

Trappist Monk Thomas Merton lived in the woods in a small hermitage – a small cinder-block building with cement floors.  He read by kerosene lamp, and cooked on a small camping stove, chopped his own wood, fetched his own water.

He lived in silence, his writing and way of life spoke for him.  Silence speaks.  So does how we live.

When he died his colleagues found a broken rosary in the hermitage, and a small wooden icon of Mary and Child.

A broken rosary.  Small icon.  Mary and Jesus.  Kerosene lamp.  Silence that spoke. Choices that instructed.

Jesus is experienced.  Received one on one.

Jesus went to the mountain alone, and to the desert alone.

The Kingdom of God is within.  Where are you?  Where are you looking?

When you have shut your doors and darken your room, remember, never to say that you are alone, for you are not alone, but God is within, and your genius is within.