… the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Mt 7:14

This post is dedicated to Jack Seneca Sylvester, born today.  My first grandchild!

And to Jack’s parents Jared and Mary.  Mozel Tov!

+ + +

Journey is coming to know the truth inside – inside of you.

This truth belongs to all men and all women and your journey to this truth as it appears in you is a journey to a truth that is a bridge to others; it denotes your location in the world and in both a particular time and all time, time past and even time-to-come … for man is man, woman is woman, and God is God.

The journey is a spiritual flight.  When it is impeded we are as a dog with three legs – vulnerable and compromised.

Life and journey are the mystery – the universal story explained in the individual journey.

In living the journey life comes to life, the heavens open.

As the journey moves from dark to light so the abyss, the great conflict, the greatest test, the most confused moment, the most challenging event is the place of transition and growth, transformation – the moment when choice arises and a pathway appears, a pathway to life-extended, life full, life in all its humor and joy, tears and laughter, gain and loss, understanding, sight, patience, wisdom, calm and contentment.

For the Christian the journey is to the Christ within.  To the Christian the journey is to immortality, resurrection, love.

The journey is within.  Truth is inside, and known, it extends outside far past the problems, the petty presences, the obstructions of small and hollow people who inflict endless injury, confusion and calamity out of their sickness, their corruption and their darkness.